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SkIN Canada Annual General Meeting 2023

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Autoinflammatory skin diseases-creation of a Candian Network (skinSAIDCanada)
Project Lead: Maryam Piram, Université de Montreal Sites: 4 (ON, BC, AB, QC)
Evidence-based Management of Skin conditions Collaborative (EMSC)
Project Lead: Mina Tadrous, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto Sites: 5 (ON)
A New Patient-Researcher Partnership for Research on Itch inSystemic Sclerosis
Project Lead: Brett Thombs, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, McGill University Sites: 6 (ON, QC)
Canadian Transplant Dermatology Research Network
Project Lead: Régine Mydlarski, University of Calgary Sites: 5 (ON, BC, AB)
Using pathology reports to enable population-based studies of rare skin disease
Project Lead: Aaron Drucker, Women's College Hospital Sites: 4 (ON, QC, AB, BC, NS)
Development of a multi-center research team to explore the potential of anti-mesothelin 1 gene therapies for fibrotic scleroderma
Project Lead: Sarah Hedtrich, University of British Columbia Sites: 3 (BC, QC, AB)
Genodermatoses Network: A Canadian multidisciplinary collaboration for patients with genetic skin disorders
Project Lead: Elena Pope, The Hospital for Sick Children/University Sites: 1 (ON, NS, AB, QC, MB)
Hidradenitis Suppurativa in Diverse Patient Populations: Multicenter Pilot Project to Assess Disease Characteristics and Access to Biologic Therapy.
Project Lead: Raed Alhusayen, Sunnybrook Research Institute Sites: 8 (ON, NS, AB, QC, MB)
A Multi-Province Platform for Merkel cell carcinoma Health Services Research
Project Lead: Timothy Hanna, Queen's University Sites: 3 (ON, AB, BC, NS)
Establishing and optimizing skin cancer biobanking across Québec
Project Lead: Philippe Lefrançois, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research Sites: 4 (QC)
Development of a in vivo mouse screening platform to identify molecular effectors of non-melanoma skin cancers
Project Lead: Mélanie Laurin, Université Laval Sites: 2 (ON, QC)
A multicenter collaborative skin research group focusing on novel treatment for epidermolysis bullosa
Project Lead: Lucie Germain, Université Laval Sites: 3 (ON, QC)
A Canadian Interdisciplinary collaboration for Hidradenitis Suppurativa patients
Project Lead: Irene Lara-Corrales, SickKids Hospital Sites: 5 (ON)
Canadian Morphea Registry (C-MORE) : Characterizing the landscape of morphea in Canada and elucidating predictors of severe disease
Project Lead: Elena Netchiporouk, McGill Univserity Sites: 15 (BC, AB, SK, ON, QC, NS,NB)
Canadian Patient-Oriented Dermatitis Database and Biobank (C-POD)
Project Lead: Carolyn Jack, McGill University Sites: 5 (ON, QC, BC)
Canadian Frostbite Collaborative National Website Development
Project Lead: Caitlin Champion, NOSM University Sites: 3 (YT, MB, ON)
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