Call for Expressions of Interest to join the C-NeST (Canadian Network of Skin disease Trials) Committee October 2023

The Skin Investigation Network of Canada (SkIN Canada) is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals to serve as a member of our Canadian Network of Skin disease Trials (C-NeST) Management Committee.

The C-NeST Management Committee develops comprehensive strategies that govern C-NeST studies and resources, including the REDCap data platform. Through engagement of the skin research community, construction of comprehensive infrastructure, and a focus on transparency, the C-NeST Management Committee ensures the network drives research forward while functioning in a cohesive manner that benefits all stakeholders.

The C-NeST Management Committee is focused on the management of the network and the accompanying platform. It fulfills its objectives by providing informed recommendations to the SkIN Canada Steering Committee and implementing its own SkIN Canada Executive Committee-approved initiatives.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Supervising the development of the C-NeST data infrastructure and resources.
  • Developing an evaluation framework and appraising proposals for clinical studies that will use the C-NeST platform in alignment with the established SkIN Canada research priorities.
  • Facilitating partnerships with academic and community research sites.
  • Devising strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of C-NeST.


The C-NeST committee meets virtually every 2 months yearly.  Committee members will not be compensated.

Candidates are required to demonstrate their understanding of the importance of translational research and biobanking, and an ability to work collaboratively with the Committee and other SkIN Canada members. Applicants are asked to submit their Curriculum Vitae and a 1-page Expression of Interest letter outlining the applicant’s relevant experience, expertise, and anticipated contribution to the Committee. 

Applications are to be sent to for review by the Executive Committee by December 15, 2023.