Call for Expressions of Interest to join the Executive Committee October 2023

The Skin Investigation Network of Canada (SkIN Canada) is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals to serve as a member of its Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is highest governing body responsible for managing the direction and  day-to-day operations of SkIN Canada. The Executive Committee oversees all aspects of SkIN Canada, including the activities of Network committees and working groups. The EC reviews recommendations from subsidiary committees and determines the strategies and courses of action that will most effectively achieve the vision and mission of SkIN Canada.

The Executive Committee has a broad scope of responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Authorizing all SkIN Canada-related operational decisions and activities
  • Overseeing the development of the SkIN Canada research priorities and ensuring alignment of SkIN Canada initiatives to address them     
  • Considering recommendations from the Steering Committee and other subsidiary committees, with authority to accept, modify, or reject them.
  • Confirming all membership appointments to subsidiary committees and working groups
  • Overseeing the Network Committees and Working Groups’ terms of reference and activities, ensuring commitment to set mandates including patient engagement, compliance with established guidelines, and achievement of goals     
  • Coordinating all financial decisions and accountabilities of SkIN Canada; this may include regularly assessing the network’s financial sustainability, identifying, and pursuing potential sources of funding, allocating resources, and distributing funds     
  • Assessing and guiding SkIN Canada’s progress towards fulfilling its mission and vision
  • Passing final decision (within 30 days) regarding any written appeals or conflicts relating to Network’s activities, including peer-review process     


The Executive Committee meets virtually every month.  Committee members will not be compensated.

Candidates are required to demonstrate their understanding of the importance of translational research and biobanking, and an ability to work collaboratively with the Committee and other SkIN Canada members. Applicants are asked to submit their Curriculum Vitae and a 1-page Expression of Interest letter outlining the applicant’s relevant experience, expertise, and anticipated contribution to the Committee. 

Applications are to be sent to for review by the Executive Committee by December 15, 2023.