Full Study Title: SkIN Canada Priority Setting Initiative
Survey Title: Survey Round 2
Principal Investigators:

An-Wen Chan, Women’s College Hospital

Jan Dutz, University of British Columbia

Rachael Manion, Canadian Skin Patient Alliance

Anie Philip, McGill University

Funder:  Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Contact: Omer Kleiner, Research Coordinator (


About the SkIN Canada Priority Setting initiative:

The SkIN Canada Priority Setting Initiative (PSI) is a series of three survey rounds and nine workshops that aim to identify which skin-related research questions are most important to Canadians.

Through the engagement of patients, caregivers, researchers, and healthcare professionals, the PSI will determine which skin conditions are the biggest concern to Canadians and create a list of unanswered questions for each condition. The results will be used to guide the activities of SkIN Canada and will be made publicly available to inform policymakers, skin-related patient organizations, and research institutions.

About this survey (Round 2):

You are being asked to consider participating in the second of three rounds of research surveys. Your participation is voluntary (your choice) and open to patients, caregivers, researchers, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers living in Canada who are sixteen years of age or older.

In this survey round 2, you will be asked to discuss skin conditions that are relevant to you and submit suggestions for research questions about the conditions. The survey is expected to take about 15 minutes to complete.


There are no risks to you from participating in this survey. You may refuse to answer questions or stop the survey at any time. Participation in this survey will not involve any additional costs to you.

There are no direct benefits to you from taking part in this survey. Your participation may help guide research in skin conditions relevant to you. You will not be paid to participate in this survey. 


All information that is collected, used, or disclosed for this survey will be handled in a confidential manner and will only be accessible to the principal investigator and survey staff from SkIN Canada. We will collect personal information (name, email, age, province) to verify eligibility and link your responses across survey rounds. To preserve confidentiality, no personal information will be disclosed in any publication of the survey results.

If you wish to discontinue participation while taking the survey, you can simply close your web browser and no data will be collected.

This study will be using the online SoGoSurvey Platform to administer the surveys and collect data. Collecting data using technology over the internet or using apps/tools/devices can increase potential risks to privacy and confidentiality. We ask that you please read the Data Privacy and Security Policy of the service provider for further information regarding data security and confidentiality of the technology being used.

This survey will be using U.S. based internet service providers which means that the electronic data will be stored and accessed in the U.S. Any study related data sent outside of Canadian borders may increase the risk of disclosure of information because the laws in those countries dealing with protection of information may not be as strict as in Canada.


You have the right to ask questions and to receive answers throughout this study. If you have any questions about this study or survey you may contact Omer Kleiner (Research Coordinator) at

The Women’s College Hospital Research Ethics Board has reviewed this study. If you have questions about your rights as a research participant or any ethical issues related to this study that you wish to discuss with someone not directly involved with the study, you may call the Women’s College Hospital Research Ethics Board Coordinator at or (416) 351-3732 ext. 2723.


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  • I am sixteen years of age or older
  • I reside in Canada
  • I will answer all questions honestly and to the best of my ability
  • I have been informed of the risks and benefits, if any, of participating in this research study

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