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A publicly accessible web database containing information on the skin researchers of Canada.

SkIN Researcher Profiles

TitleInvestigator nameInstitutional affiliationPrimary departmentCity, ProvinceDegrees/ Clinical specialty (MD)Research pillar/sFields of researchSkin conditions studiedMethodological expertiseContact
Dr.Aaron DruckerUniversity of TorontoMedicineToronto, OntarioMD (Dermatology),
Master's (Clinical and Translational Research)
•Health system services
•Population health
Epidemiology, Evidence-based medicine•Atopic dermatitis
•Skin cancer
Epidemiologic studies using secondary analyses of
Prof.An-Wen ChanWomen's College Research Institute, University of TorontoMedicineToronto, OntarioPhD, MD (Dermatology)•Clinical
•Health system services
•Population health
Risk factors, prevention and management of skin cancer in high-risk populations•Squamous cell carcinoma
•Basal cell carcinoma
•Keratinocyte carcinoma
Epidemiology, clinical trials, health services research, systematic reviews, reporting guidelines, research
Dr.Anie PhilipMcGill UniversitySurgeryMontreal, QuebecPhD•Basic biomedicalCellular communications, Signaling pathways, Cancer, Tissue fibrosis•Wound healing
• Skin cancer
•Squamous cell carcinoma
We use genomic and proteomic approaches using molecular and Cell biology techniques including, cell and explant cultures, 3D cultures, organoid cultures, cloning, transfections, PCR, CRISPR, Western bot, and assays for proliferation, migration, invasion, tumorigenicity, stemness, and extracellular matrix production, and
(514) 889-6108
Prof.Bernadette NedelecMcGill UniversityOccupational TherapyMontreal, QuebecPhD, BSc OT•ClinicalBurn Survivor rehabilitation, evaluation, treatment and outcomes•Hypertrophic scar
•Normal scar
•Normal skin characteristics
Skin evaluation using objective instrumentation (Cutometer, Mexameter, Tewameter, high-frequency ultrasound scanner), Evaluation of scar itch and pain after a burn injury, Rehabilitation Outcome
(514) 398-1275
Dr.Boluwaji OgunyemiMemorial University of NewfoundlandMedicine (Dermatology)St. John's, Newfoundland and LabradorMD (Dermatology)•Clinical
•Population health
Dermatitis, Occupational Dermatology, Psoriasis, Medical Education, Skin of Color•Dermatitis
Health Claims Submissions, Survey
(709) 800-9050
Dr.Boris HinzUniversity of TorontoFaculty of DentistryToronto, OntarioPhD•Basic biomedicalWound healing, Fibrosis, Myofibroblasts, TGF-beta, Stromal cells-inflammatory cells-crosstalk•Hypertrophic scarring
•Physiological healing
Light microscopy imaging Cell Biology, Biomedical engineering, Cell Mechanobiology: AFM-atomic force microscopy, strain devices, micro-patterning, cell contraction analysis, stiff/soft culture
Dr.Brett ThombsMcGill University and Jewish General HospitalPsychiatryMontreal, QuebecPhD•Clinical
•Health system services
Mental health, Chronic diseases•SclerodermaDeveloping, testing, and disseminating educational, self-management, rehabilitation, and psychological interventions for people living with the rare autoimmune disease scleroderma; Depression screening and the evaluation of depression screening tools; and meta-research, which involves examining how the design, conduct and reporting of medical research may lead to bias. Methods expertise includes evidence synthesis, trials conducted in cohorts an using routinely collected data, diagnostic tests, and individual participant data
(514) 570-2927
Dr.Carolyn JackMcGill UniversityDepartment of MedicineMontreal, QuebecPhD, MD (Dermatology)•Basic biomedical
•Health system services
•Population health
Immunology, TH2 Immunity, Allergy•Atopic dermatitisFlow cytometry, confocal imaging, cell and tissue culture, cytokine biochemical assaysCAROLYN.JACK@MCGILL.CA
Dr.Cheryl RosenToronto Western Hospital, University of TorontoMedicineToronto, OntarioMD (Dermatology)•Clinical
•Population health
Psoriasis, Psoriatic arthritis, Photoprotection•Psoriasis
•Cutaneous lupus
(416) 603-5952
Prof.Davide BrambillaUniversité de MontrèalFaculty of PharmacyMontreal, QuebecPhD•Basic biomedicalDrug formulation, Transdermal, microtechnology, nanotechnology, Minimally invasive diagnostic, microneedles, medical tattoos•Inflammation
My laboratory works at the interface of medicine, pharmacy and materials science with the main objective of improving drug efficacy, and patient compliance as well as develop innovative minimally invasive diagnostic devices. More in particular my research interests include the design of polymeric microneedles for the non-invasive transdermal delivery of on-purpose designed diagnostic and therapeutic agents as well as new nanoparticulate and bio-conjugates platforms for the targeted delivery of biotherapeutic agents. My laboratory possess key knowledge for design of new devices as well as for their evaluation both in vitro and in
(514) 343-6117
Dr.Elena PopeThe Hospital for Sick Children and Temerity School of Medicine, TorontoPediatric DermatologyToronto, OntarioMD (Pediatrics/ Pediatric Dermatology),
Master's (clinical pharmacology)
•ClinicalClinical trials, outcome measure development and testing•Epidermolysis bullosa
•Vascular tumors
Clinical trial
(416) 813-6883
Dr.Fatma HassanWestern UniversityPhysiology and Pharmacology DeptLondon, OntarioPhD•Basic biomedicalRegulation of mechanotransduction by kindlin family protein in epidermal cells•Squamous cell carcinoma
•Kindler syndrome
Handling of epidermal cell culture line, immunofluorescent microscopy, western blot, q-PCR, ELIZA, hands-on various lab
(519) 919-7166
Dr.François BerthodUniversité LavalLOEX, CHU de Quebec-Université Laval research centerQuébec, QuebecPhD•Basic biomedicalTissue engineering, dermatology, neurosciences•Psoriasis
•Diabetic ulcers
In vitro disease modeling using patient-derived cells (psoriasis, diabetic ulcers, rosacea, etc.)
(418) 525-4444
Prof.Girish ShahUniversité Laval, Faculty of MedicineBMBMP: Biologie moléculaire, biochinmie médicale et pathologieQuébec, QuebecPhD•Basic biomedicalUV-induced nonmelanoma skin cancer (NMSC) in mice, Respons to UV-damage at cellular and molecular levels, PARP, cancer therapy•Non-melanoma skin cancers
•Squamous cell carcinoma
SKH-1 hairless mouse model for UVB-induced NMSC; PARP1-knockout SKH1 mouse model to study UVB-induced skin cancer; Cellular responses to UVC or UVB exposure; DNA damage; DNA repair of UV damage by nucleotide excision repair pathway (NER); UV-induced cell death; Prophylatic and therapeutic approach to solar UV-induced skin
(418) 525-4444
Dr.Ilya MukovozovUniversity of British ColumbiaDermatologyVancouver, British ColumbiaPhD, MD (Dermatology)
Master's (Science)
•Basic biomedical
•Population health
•Hidradenitis suppurativa
•Granuloma annulare
•Allergic contact dermatitis
Study design, Statistical analysis, Animal models, animal and human ethics protocols, Cell culture, Molecular biology, Functional cell biology assays (leukocyte migration, adhesion, phagocytosis, ROS production, etc, Flow cytometry, Western Blotting, Confocal microscopy, Health research methodology.
(416) 710-8545
Prof.Julie FradetteUniversité LavalDepartment of SurgeryQuebec, QuebecPhD•Basic biomedicalWound repair, tissue engineering, adipose tissue, mesenchymal cell-based therapies, biological dressings.•Radiodermatitis
•Diabetic and normal skin wound models (excisional and incisional)
Tissue engineering (skin, adipose tissue, bone), cell culture, animal models of wound healing and tissue grafting, confocal imaging,
(418) 525-4444
Dr.Katie BeleznayUniversity of British ColumbiaDermatology and Skin ScienceVancouver, British ColumbiaMD•Clinical•Cosmetic Dermatology
•Filler Complications
Cosmetic Dermatology, Filler Complications, Safety with Cosmetic
(604) 916-4179
Dr.Kerri PurdyDalhousie UnivMedicineHalifax, Nova ScotiaMD (Medical dermatology)•ClinicalNone yet but soon!•Planning for clinical
(902) 473-7934
Dr.Kevin PehrMcGill University, Jewish General Hospital, Lady Davis InstituteDermatologyMontreal, QuebecMD (Lymphoma. Cutaneous adverse reactions. Natural history of disease)•ClinicalLymphoma. Cutaneous adverse reactions. Natural history of disease•It variesMostly clinical/
Dr.Kim PappK Papp Clinical ResearchWaterloo, OntarioPhD, MD (Dermatology),
Master's, BSc (H)
•Atopic dermatitis, Dermatitis
•Alopecia areata, Alopecia
•Herpes simplex, Herpes zoster
•Cutaneous lupus, Discoid lupus
Clinical Trial Design (Phase I through IV), outcome measures, clinical assessments, disease severity measures, interpretation of results, clinical trial forensics, clinical trial
(519) 579-9535
Prof.Lari HäkkinenUniversity of British ColumbiaFaculty of Dentistry, OBMSVancouver, British ColumbiaPhD, DDS•Basic biomedicalWound healing, oral mucosa, skin, fibroblast subpopulations, extracellular matrix•Scar formationAnimal models of skin and oral mucosal wound healing (mice, large domestic pigs), cell culture models, cell biology, proteomics, molecular biology, histology,
Prof.Lucie GermainUniversité LavalDepartment of Surgery and LOEX centerQuebec, QuebecPhD•Basic biomedical
Regenerative Medicine, Stem cells, Tissue engineering.•Wound healing
Tissue engineering, Reconstruction of skin tissue, Analysis of stem cells, cell culture, skin
(418) 525-4444
Dr.Marc JeschkeSunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of TorontoRoss Tilley Burn CentreToronto, OntarioPhD, MD (Burns),
Master's (Medical Science)
•Basic biomedical
Animal Models, Burns, Cell Biology, Hypermetabolism, Inflammation, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells, Stress Response, Trauma•Burns
The goal of Dr. Jeschke’s research is to attenuate stress hypermetabolic and catabolic responses, and improve cell regeneration and survival. His team is studying the stress-induced changes in the liver and various other tissues at a cellular and cell organelle level to identify key signalling molecules and pathways that may be altered to improve cell survival and organ
(416) 480-6703
Dr.Mark KirchhofUniversity of OttawaMedicineOttawa, OntarioPhD, MD•Clinical
•Health system services
•Population health
•Autoimmune skin diseases (ie Atopic Dermatitis Hidradenitis, Drug Reactions, Psoriasis, Lupus, etc)
•Skin Cancer
Basic science / Immunology bench work Clinical Trials, Systematic Reviews, Case Control Studies.
Dr.Melinda GooderhamQueens UniversityPeterborough, OntarioMD (Dermatology) ,
Master's (Biochemistry)
•ClinicalInflammatory skin diseases•Psoriasis
•Atopic dermatitis
•Hidradenitis suppurativa
•Chronic urticaria
Clinical trials, Phase 1 to
(705) 761-7247
Prof.Morris F ManolsonUniversity of TorontoFaculty of DentistryToronto, OntarioPhD•Basic biomedicalIon transport, Bone, Osteoclasts, Proton pumps, Ion translocation, V-ATPases•BoneMolecular biology, ion transport, mammalian cell biology, yeast cell
(416) 864-8234
Dr.Raed AlhusayenSunnybrook Research Institute - University of TorontoDivision of Dermatology, Department of MedicineToronto, OntarioMD (Dermatology),
Master's (Clinical Epidemiology)
•Health system services
•Population health
Comorbidities with skin disorders, Burden of skin disease•Hidradenitis Suppurativa
•Cutaneous Lymphomas
•Autoimmune Bullous disorders (pemphigus, pemphigoid)
Observational Studies, Disease Registries, Population based / Administrative database research, Health Policy, Validation of clinical tools and diagnostic codes, Clinical
Prof.Roxane PouliotUniversité LavalPharmacyQuébec, QuebecPhD•Basic biomedicalSkin, psoriasis, tissue engineering•PsoriasisTissue engineering, cell culture, percutaneous absorption, lipids
(418) 525-4444
Prof.Sarah HedtrichThe University of British ColumbiaPharmaceutical SciencesVancouver, British ColumbiaPhD•Basic biomedicalUnderstanding and tackling inflammatory and genetic skin diseases•inflammatory skin diseases with a focus on atopic dermatitis
•Severe monogenic skin diseases with focus on congenital ichthyosis
tissue engineering of skin (disease) models, skin absorption testing
organ-on-chip setups
(604) 822-2466
Dr.Sarvesh LogsettyUniversity of ManitobaSurgeryWinnipeg, ManitobaMD (Burn care)•Clinical
•Health system services
•Population health
Burn care, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, wounds, Traumatic injury, Long-term outcomes, Social determinants of health, equity of access.•Burns
•Hidradenitis Suppurativa
•Necrotizing Fasciitis
Population health, Epidemiology, Administrative Data analysis, Long-term outcomes, clinical trials, systematic
(204) 787-8682
Dr.Veronique MoulinUniversite LavalSurgeryQuébec, QuebecPhD•Basic biomedical
Tissue engineering, wound healing, cytokines, cell interaction•Burn
•Hypertrophic scar
Cell culture, tissue engineering,
Dr.Youwen ZhouUniversity of British ColumbiaDermatology and Skin ScienceVancouver, British ColumbiaPhD, MD (Dermatology)•Basic biomedical
Macrophages in the development and treatment of skin diseases•Vitiligo
•Skin cancer
•Alopecia areata
Transcriptomics, Integrated medical informatics, Clinical trials, Computer-assisted drug design, Animal models in dermatotherapeutic development.
(604) 875-4747