Trainee Mobility Award

The SkIN Canada Trainee Mobility Award provides funding for trainees in the field of skin research to study and conduct research for a brief period in a laboratory other than their own within Canada or abroad as part of their training experience.

A limited number of awards are available each year on a competitive basis.  There will be two competition periods per year, one in May and one in October. Applicants are eligible for the award only once during a particular training period or level of study (e.g. MSc, Ph.D., Clinical residency, or Postdoctoral training).

The value of the Skin Canada Trainee Mobility Award is up to $4,000 which can be used for the trainee’s research in a host laboratory within Canada or abroad for a period ranging from of 2 weeks to 6 months.

To be eligible, the trainee’s laboratory must be focused on some aspect of skin research and the trainee’s supervisor must be a current member of SkIN Canada registered in the Research Map on the SkIN Canada website.

Application Process

The following documents should be put together in a single PDF file in the order shown below and submitted to the SkIN Canada office:

1. Completed application form
2. Updated CV
3. Letter of support from the supervisor
4. Letter of support from the PI of the host laboratory 
5. Statement of Purpose describing the proposed mobility activity and how it will complement/impact your program of study (Maximum 500 words)

Selection Criteria

The SkIN Canada Awards Committee will select the winner of each Mobility Award based on the following criteria: 

1) Academic excellence of the trainee based on the CV  
2) Professional development potential for the trainee as a skin researcher (based on the statement of purpose and letters of support from the supervisor and the PI of the host laboratory).

Deadline: October 15, 2023