Trainee Travel Award

SkIN Canada provides partial funding for trainees to attend conferences as part of their training experience. A limited number of awards are available each year on a competitive basis.  There will be two competition periods per year, in May and October.  Applicants who have previously received funding through this program in the fiscal year are not eligible to receive funding until the following fiscal year.

The value of the SkIN Canada Travel Award is a maximum of $1,000 CAD.

To be eligible, the abstract submitted should be focused on some aspect of skin research, although the chosen conference can be in any field with an academic objective. In addition, the trainee’s supervisor must be a current member of SkIN Canada registered in the Research Map.  Eligible expenses include costs for transportation, accommodation, and conference registration. Costs of meals and beverages are not eligible.

Application Process

The following documents should be put together in a single PDF file in the order shown below and submitted to the SkIN Canada office:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Updated CV
  3. A copy of the submitted/accepted abstract for the meeting
  4. A letter of acceptance from the meeting. 
  5. Letter of support from your supervisor confirming that you are a trainee in their laboratory.

Selection Criteria

The SkIN Canada Awards Committee will select the winner of each travel award based on the following criteria:

1) General scientific merit of the abstract
2) Academic excellence of the trainee based on the CV 
3) Professional development potential for the trainee as a skin researcher (for example, an oral presentation at an international meeting would be weighed more heavily than a poster at a local meeting).

Deadline: May 15 AND October 15 of every year